Limavady Suffolk Stud was started in 1981, by Michael Simpson at Limavady Farm in North Otago. In 2000 the flock was withdrawn and in 2016 Emma re-instated the stud. Limavady Suffolks are now at Manahune in Waipara, 20 minutes north of Amberley. We have sourced genetics from leading Suffolk studs throughout New Zealand, with the biggest influences on our genetics coming from Pinegrove, Taronga and Mornish bloodlines.

In 2023 we will mate 245 suffolk ewes.

Our aim currently is on breeding thick, meaty Suffolks with the emphasis on:

  • High growth rates and meat yield on a moderate frame
  • Ewes that lamb easily, and have good mothering ability.
  • Sound conformation with plenty of meat on the carcass, and bone to carry them.
  • Longevity

Our Suffolks are fully SIL recorded and data is available on all our sale rams. We aim to achieve the correct balance of phenotype with the data to support the sheep, there is no point in having all the figures in the world if the sheep can’t do the job required.

With these attributes we will be able to provide Rams to commercial farmers that breed fast growing terminal lambs, that are born easily, and the rams stay sound and last.
We also are using gene marker testing for footrot resistance in our Suffolk stud, please ask us for more information about this.

For more information about our Suffolks please don't hesitate to contact us.

2015 born Ewe Hoggets
2015 born Ewe Hoggets